Environmental Education Group

The Group of Environmental Education of the National Aquarium of Cuba has been carrying out activities for more than 20 years with the objective of developing an educational work related to the coastal marine environment, collaborating with the centers of different levels of General, Polytechnic and Labor Education , Including Special Education.

The main objective of the Environmental Education of our institution is to transmit and disseminate clear and precise information through all means of communication, develop programs of extension to social groups and educational institutions to form true promoters of Environmental Education, deploy environmental educational actions Concrete and precise.

Specific work objectives

    1.- Contribute to develop a solid environmental culture in the present and future generation encouraging the attention and concern for nature and the sea in particular.
    2.- To support the teaching educational work of the schools in the different levels of education, including the special education.
    3.- Contribute to develop in children, youth and visitors in general a deep love for the marine environment given by our status as an island and archipelago.
    4.- Develop and promote "self-managing" behaviors in children, youth and other social actors of coastal communities with positive actions towards the marine and coastal environment of their locality.
    5.- Publicize and promote through folding, posters, events, books, workshops and competitions the fundamental activity of the National Aquarium.

1.- General Educational Program.

The Environmental Education group implements a General Education Program with the purpose of "Making the world of the Sea accessible to all", thus contributing to transform attitudes towards the environment, expanding and deepening through a continuous and permanent process, knowledge On the coastal marine environment, achieving the self-managing participation of children, young people and older adults in solving environmental problems in their communities.

Guided and / or guided visit.

It allows the visitor a deep and convincing approach to the marine environment and its species. This activity will be carried out by a specialist of the Environmental Education Group and will be previously coordinated by the teacher with the Environmental Education group.


Summer Workshops

As part of initiatives to expand educational work on children, the Environmental Education Group develops during the period
of teaching recess the Summer Workshops, for children between the ages of 8 and 15, where various activities are carried out
useful for their development, linked theory with practice.

Educational Activities of the General Educational Program

2.- Calls for workshops and events

  • Workshop “Knowing Martí and his love for nature” call for ... »

    The main objective of this workshop is to contribute to the dissemination of José Martí's work, his virtuous feelings, his immense love and commitment to nature, his care and protection. To deepen our knowledge and expand our culture was what our apostle wanted for all the children of his country, a better tribute than the realization of this workshop on one more anniversary of his birth.

  • Children's Scientific Sessions - Call for ... »

    They are developed annually in the last 20 years. They constitute the closing of the course of the program "We know the sea". An average of 700 children from all provinces of the country and also from other countries, as well as children with special educational needs, participate during three days of exchange and activities in the institution. They present investigative works through different modalities: presentations, posters, drawings, and the different artistic manifestations. The Scientific Pre-Sessions are developed in different territories of the country that have led to expand the objectives and nourish from the base to the Annual Conferences that are held in the Aquarium. Previous meetings ... »

  • Youth Scientific Conference “For the Sea and the Coasts” - Call for ... »

    The young people are the main social actors and their integral preparation is decisive in the development of personalities and knowledge, they will become basic promoters of Environmental Education in our country. Continuing the work of the subprogram of the circles of interest and deepening the knowledge according to the level of schooling of young people, has been held annually for more than 10 years the Scientific Youth Day, with the participation of over 200 young people of all The municipalities of the capital and the different centers of education, higher and higher education.

  • Workshops for the Elderly - Call for... »

    Taking as a central axis the work that since 1994 has been carried out by the group of Environmental Education with the circle "We know the sea" and as an essential element to the General Educational Program carried out by the National Aquarium of Cuba, began in The year 1999 the linkage of older adults to this program, which aims to contribute to create in all sectors of the population and especially the elderly, a deep feeling of love for the marine- As well as foster in the present and future generations a solid environmental culture that propitiates, conscious attitudes of the man toward the protection of the sea and its resources, in order to convert to this sector of the population, communicators par excellence of messages of Protection and love towards nature. We have 16 Environmental Education Workshops in the Elderly, with an average of 200 delegates linked to different modalities in which the sea and its resources become protagonists of the amazing initiatives of the grandparents. In addition, the work of the older adult has been incorporated into the Intergenerational Encounters with great quality, acceptance and results.

  • Intergenerational Scientific Event

    Its main objective is to bring together in a scientific event the three generations of children, young people and older adults, promoting an exchange of experiences, creating action plans to minimize possible environmental damages in their communities.

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