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Bottlenose dolphins of the family Tursiops truncatus are exhibited in the Aquarium since 1983 and up to date constitue one of the greatest attractions to the visitor. Their management under controlled conditions including reproduction has been consolidated throughout 30 years. Genesis of the presence of this charismatic species shows up allowing visitors to adquire valuable knowledge as well as a better understanding of the methods applied for their care and protection.


Surrounded by a welcoming and pleasant enclosure, visitors enjoy didactic-recreational demonstrations, in which important interactions make possible to acquire knowledge about the characteristics of these species, the difference between sea lions and seals whereby actions for their protection and conservation are promoted.

An average of four to six exhibition shows is offered every day.



South american sea lion Otaria flavescens
Californian sea lion Zalophus californianus
South american fur seal Artocephalus australis
Antarctic fur seal Artocephalus gazella
Sea wolf Artocephalus spp.


Due to the popularity of “Silvia” (it was the first Pinniped on exhibition in the Aquarium understand by national visitors as a seal), there was a need to incorporate to the exhibition true specimens of this species. 2003 were therefore introduced and managed for the first time common seals Phoca vitulina vitulina as permanent exhibition group. 2 calves already have been obtained.



common seal
Phoca vitulina vitulina

Didactic recreational activities with DOLPHINS

From Tuesday to Sunday
1:00 pm, 4:30 pm and  7:00 pm

Interactions with Dolphins from Tuesday to Sunday at 2:30 pm


Nothing is more impressive and nice than tasting a meal or have dinner watching in nearby company exciting dolphins. This is achieved in a 480 000 gallons seawater tank, separated from a comfortable Restaurant "Gran Azul" by an acrylic board panel having 22 centimeters in thickness, 12 meters in wide and 4 meters in height. The restaurant clients enjoy the underwater interaction between the dolphins of the species Tursiops truncatus housed in this underwater section and their trainers.

Updated July 23, 2016

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